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Videos of several sessions are included below.

What does Tiffany speak about?

Through a unique combination of original music and personal storytelling, Tiffany shares her own journey through poor body image, disordered eating, and a harmful dating relationship--and how she learned to like the girl in the mirror.

During the first half of this session, Tiffany and her husband James share four false expectations they had about marriage and dating. During the second half of the session, attendees text in their questions for James and Tiffany to answer.

This session shares the things Tiffany wishes she knew about guys when she was a teenager: what to look for in a guy, how to stay physically pure until marriage, and how to enjoy being single, even when all your friends have a boyfriend.

In this session, Tiffany and her husband James talk about guy-girl relationships in high school and middle school, namely about attraction, friendship, and self-image. At the end, students can ask questions anonymously via text (hence, the "Textinar").

Watch some of Tiffany's messages here!