The Podcast

Outgrowing the Good Christian Girl

This podcast follows my faith journey, from a black and white view of God and the Bible, to a new understanding of Christianity. I hope my story can be a breath of fresh air for you too. 

Season 1: My Journey: An overview (2021)

In short episodes, Season 1 introduces my faith journey, and why I started asking questions.

Season 2: The Hard Conversations (2022)

Season 2 creates space for conversations we don't often have in church circles, to investigate what Scripture says on some issues that I once thought were black and white. In this process, we especially look for two things: Fruit and intent. What is the fruit of the old vs new way of thinking? What is the intent of Scripture, and how does the historical and cultural context help us better understand Scripture's intent?

Season 3: A Deconstructed Life - coming June 1, 2024!

We're back!! (Well, almost.) In Season 3, we'll be looking at how to live when your understanding of faith has shifted. How do we honor God and the Bible, when we understand the Bible differently than before? How do we believe the Bible is intended to be interpreted? How did this affect parenting, dating, politics, and other decisions in our daily life? How do we move forward, even as we leave so much behind?

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