1. Someday
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I call this my princess song, about my desire for a prince to come sweep me off my feet. I pray it encourages you and offers hope that our Father has a hope and future in store as we seek Him with all our hearts! (Jeremiah 29:11-13)


Verse 1: Sometimes I feel I don't have much to offer/Nothing to keep attention on me/Some days I see just a lost cause and/Someone who'll be Cinderella in her dreams/But someday, I believe

Chorus: I'll walk down the aisle, with flowers in my hair/And sparkling glass slippers, my very own pair/And someday you'll see/It's happening

Verse 2: Sometimes I feel like nothing will work out/Nothing's for real; it's just a fairytale/Then I remember I am a princess/A daughter of the King who's looking out for me/So someday, I believe

Bridge: When you're a daughter of the King/You don't have to go on worrying/He is preparing the right path/That'll fit you perfectly/So someday, you'll see

Last Chorus: You'll walk down His aisle with flowers in your hair/And sparkling glass slippers, your very own pair/And someday you'll see/Oh and someday you will see/It's happening