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This ministry is now moving in a very exciting, new direction! 

Over the past few years, Tiffany has been traveling between 4 and 7 months of the year on cross-country speaking tours. She has spoken in 36 states at over 250 events, and has absolutely LOVED this adventure. Now, however, God has put some new things on her heart...including the need for rest and refreshing. 

In 2017-2018, Tiffany will still be available to travel to events on occasion, but will be taking a break from full-time touring. As she is home in upstate NY, she will be moving her ministry focus onto YouTube. 

In 2016, Tiffany felt that God put this transition on her heart, to begin slowing down her tour schedule while starting a YouTube channel as a way to reach out to young women. Through this platform, she is able to share on a much deeper level with her worldwide community of girls than she could during a one-hour seminar. She currently produces videos each Tuesday and Friday, and is slowly creating some online video courses as well, which she hopes to release in 2018. At the same time, she is able to rest and invest in friendships at home. 

During this "Sabbath Year," Tiffany will occasionally be available to fly out for events, so please feel free to contact us at booking@tiffanydawn.net if you'd like her to consider an event. In the meantime, we'll tell you more about the booking process.

How do I book a date?

Meet Joanna Pape (pictured here), our Booking and Communications Coordinator! She is seriously AWESOME, and would love to help you book a date, or find more information. You can reach Joanna at booking@tiffanydawn.net. (We'll then send you Joanna's phone number as well.) OR, you can fill out the booking form at the bottom of this page.

About Joanna: After studying Occupational Therapy and working in high end fashion retail, Joanna moved to North Carolina, where she enjoys daily cups of french-toast-flavored coffee, the intrigue of detective shows, painting in her livingroom studio, and her adorable dogs Misty and Chloe. She is currently planning her wedding to her wonderful fiancé Rich as well!

What this ministry is all about:

This ministry exists to help young women learn they are loved just as they are. We accomplish this through sharing personal stories of redemption, starting conversations between young people and adults they trust, and providing quality, practical resources.

Who is Tiffany?

The official bio: Tiffany Dawn spent most of her life feeling like she wasn't good enough. After a boyfriend who told her she wasn't as pretty as other girls, and a 7-year struggle with disordered eating, she eventually began to learn what God had to say about her -- and that changed everything. Tiffany has spent the past four years traveling around the US to share her story through speaking and her two books: “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” and “Boycrazy: And how I ended up single and (mostly) sane.” When she's not escaping winter through cross-country tours, Tiffany resides in beautiful upstate New York with her husband James, where she indulges in her not-so-secret love affair with raspberry chai and everything spy-related. 

Click here to read all about Tiffany and her vision for this ministry!

31-year-old author, speaker, and singer/songwriter Tiffany Dawn shares her journey into freedom from struggles with body image, disordered eating, and dating relationships through “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” and "Boycrazy" books and seminars.

With her master's degree in Music Therapy, Tiffany completed her graduate work in an in-patient setting for adolescents hospitalized with eating disorders. A graduate of Roberts Wesleyan College, Tiffany spent four years working in Higher Education before traveling and speaking full-time. She now resides in upstate New York when she is not touring.

In 2012 she released her first book "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty" and in 2014 she released her second book: "Boycrazy." She has spoken at many events around the country, including Biola University in Los Angeles, Belhaven University in Mississippi, University of Oklahoma at Norman, and Excel Youth for Christ Conference in New York.

Tiffany has a love affair with spy movies, long walks, raspberry chai, and her husband James.

What are people saying about Tiffany Dawn?


Tiffany ... is the real thing, and can talk to students like few others we've had on our campus. I'll have her back for sure.

- Dr. Roger Parrott, President, Belhaven University (Mississippi)

One of the best things that you can do for your students.

- Ryan Middleton, Chaplain, Richmond Christian School (Virginia)

I overheard several students remark after chapel, "That was the best chapel we have had all year."

- Craig Parrott, Guidance Counselor, Faith Christian School (Colorado)

I have had soooo! many students come into the office and comment on the ministry. It was a great message for our student body, delivered in an interesting, contemporary, and fun way. 

- Troy Tennyson, Pricipal, Christian Life School (Wisconsin)

She captures her audience with a genuine transparent spirit! Many of our ladies began the process of allowing God to heal many years of pain and hurt!

- Susan Elrod, Woodlawn Community Church (Tennessee)

Tiffany shares so naturally and vulnerably that it creates an environment that draws others out to share their story.

- Alexa Randall, Greek InterVarsity Staff, University of Connecticut

Tiffany’s message ... [resulted] in a number of additional student developed programs on self image later in the semester. I highly recommend Tiffany...

- Vince Diller, Former Director of Health and Wellness, Palm Beach Atlantic University (Florida)

You can read many more recommendations from venues around the country here.

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Watch videos of Tiffany speaking:

The new version of "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty" for public schools:

Tiffany has developed a new version of "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty Seminar" specifically for public high schools and colleges! For the past few years, she has spoken primarily at faith-based organizations, which she absolutely loves. But she has been wanting to create a new version of her message for non-faith-based organizations. In 2016, she has developed this new version, which you can watch in the video below. 

**Note: This was specifically developed for public schools, but it can also be shared at faith-based venues. This new version shares a lot of practical steps for overcoming one's "quest," and focuses on the educational aspect of learning about and overcoming body image issues.**

Our Goal:

Through each presentation, our goal is to start a conversation. 

Our favorite story is when a father told us that his daughter came home after hearing Tiffany speak, and told her dad that she had been struggling with disordered eating. He said, “Thank you from a father, for the opportunity to have that conversation with my daughter.” 

Our desire is to creatively partner with each individual ministry where Tiffany speaks, in order to start a conversation about difficult topics like body image, disordered eating, and healthy dating relationships. We want to facilitate the event in such a way that your team is part of the solution. Sometimes that means the attendees break into small groups afterwards; sometimes the local youth leaders come up on stage to answer questions alongside Tiffany during a time of Q&A.  

As much as one seminar can be a turning point in someone’s life, we realize that the only thing that can truly change a life is relationships — both with the Lord and with other people, walking the journey together. We want these events to help spark some of those life-changing relationships and honest conversations.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the date and location, but includes all travel and out-of-pocket expenses. When Tiffany is in your area on tour, the cost is cut significantly, as through booking several events in the same area, Tiffany is able to cover her travel expenses and make it more affordable for your ministry/organization. When you book a date that Tiffany is scheduled to be in your area on tour, we use a sliding scale for pricing, as Tiffany's heart is to make this possible for each organization.

Please contact our booking coordinator Joanna for a quote!

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