Recommendations & Reviews

Tiffany has a story that Christian university students need to hear. She doesn't dance around the issues where they are hurting most, but shares her story in a loving and humble spirit that gives them hope in Christ. She is the real thing, and can talk to students like few others we've had on our campus. I'll have her back for sure.

~ Dr. Roger Parrott,
President, Belhaven University,
Jackson, MS

Tiffany's presentation is dynamic. Our students laughed, but they also quietly reflected about their own masks and struggles. The mix of music, testimony, humor and advice makes her workshop meaningful and impactful.

~ Eileen Hoffman,
Girls Ministry Co-Director, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy,
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Using both music and the compelling, self-revealing story of her personal struggle and growth to overcome the need for perfection and beauty, Tiffany connects powerfully with her generation. She is a voice that needs to be heard by both women and men.

~ John A. Martin,
Retired President, Roberts Wesleyan College

You were remarkable. You provided the student affairs folks with a great deal of information, all of which is extremely useful and will help us to better serve our students. Your knowledge about eating disorders is extensive, from not only a personal basis but also from the impressive amount of research you have done on the subject. You are doing great deeds!!!!
~ Martha Asselin,
VP of Student Development,
Schenectady County Community College

Tiffany Dawn's Insatiable Quest is one of the best things that you can do for your students. In a world full of misconceptions about relationships, this message addresses the hearts of young men and women in an amazing way!
~ Ryan Middleton,
Chaplain, Richmond Christian School,
Richmond, VA

A vast majority of our students said that Tiffany's presentation was the best day of spiritual emphasis week!
~Bob Brennan,
Director of Education, Lehigh Valley Christian High School,
Catasauqua, PA

Tiffany was awesome. She was a perfect fit for our campus. Male and female students alike were able to relate to her message.
~ Dr. Harold Carl,
Chaplain at LeTourneau University

I am pleased to confirm that Tiffany’s unique mixture of testimony, subject matter expertise, vocal performance, and speaking ability exceeded our expectation. Tiffany’s message was received favorably by our student population resulting in a number of additional student developed programs on self image later in the semester. I highly recommend Tiffany based on her outstanding skills; however, I recommend her with great passion due to the need for the message God has placed in her heart to restore God’s definition of beauty from a flawed cultural view. Your organization or campus will be richly blessed.
~ Vince Diller,
Formerly Director of Health and Wellness
at Palm Beach Atlantic University;
Currently Assistant Dean of Students
at Belmont University

I have had so many leaders send me notes and texts of how much they really enjoyed hearing you, and your message and the entire night. I really appreciate how you were able to customize your talk to the seasons for leaders and make it some thing they could relate to in their relationship with the Lord. It was just what they were meant to hear! Praying for you as you continue your tour and let Him guide you with your gifts! Hope to have you speak again next time you are out here.
~ Tangee Cargill,
Women's Ministry Director, Rancho Community Church,
Temecula, CA

We loved our chapel with Tiffany. I have had soooo! many students come into the office and comment on the ministry. It was a great message for our student body, delivered in an interesting, contemporary, and fun way. We especially loved that she stayed afterward to pray with some of the girls struggling with some of the things in her talk... We would love to have her again...
~ Troy Tennyson,
Principal, Christian Life School,
Kenosha, WI

The presentation was relevant and well balanced featuring a blend of humor and biblical principles related to self image.
~ Dr. Kevin Schwamb,
Mid Vermont Christian School,
White River Junction, VT

I've had the privilege of attending Tiffany's seminar on numerous occasions, and have also invited her into my classroom to speak with my students. Tiffany's stories, songs, and messages are engaging, inspiring, and relatable. As a person who seeks to inspire and motivate all people, Tiffany is able to seamlessly adapt her seminar to any audience.
~ Kellie Leigh,
Academic Advisor and First Year Seminar Professor,
Nazareth College of Rochester, NY


I highly recommend Tiffany to any church or ministry that recognizes how deeply wounded we can be—eating disorders, codependent relationships, body image issues, and more—when our quest for satisfaction in life is misguided. Tiffany's storytelling is inviting and transparent. Her humor and willingness to speak the truth helped our campus access a deeper understanding of how God's love alone satisfies our deepest quests.

~ Jeff Eenigenburg,
Dir of Worship Arts/Prof of Christian Min, Bryan College,
Dayton, TN

Tiffany's presentation was wonderful. Many of the students really were able to relate and open up abut their own quest for beauty. Tiffany shares so naturally and vulnerably that it creates an environment that draws others out to share their story. We loved having her!
~ Alexa Randall,
Greek InterVarsity Staff, University of Connecticut,
Storrs, CT

Tiffany's message was perfect for our guys, girls, parents and volunteers to hear. Masks came down that night and lives were more closely connected with God.
~ Lance Logan,
Youth Director at Alpine Church of Christ,
Longview, TX

Tiffany Dawn is such a pleasure to work with. She is engaging, charismatic, relatable, funny and speaks truth about the heart of the Gospel. She is gifted in the way she can pull people into vulnerability and then meet them in that tender place. I highly recommend her for young adult aged events!
~Hillary Olsen,
Biola University, Chapel After Dark Intern

Tiffany Dawn’s presentation is a deeply-felt, moving combination of testimony and ministry. She is a natural presenter and performer, and her message is a reflection of the heart of God for both young women and young men. I would recommend it to any group of young people. I can also recommend her personally as a young woman of character, joy, and warmth, and one who is ever learning and working to improve herself on every front.
~ Mark DuPré,
Associate Pastor of Christ Community Church
(Tiffany's mentor)

We had a blast with Tiffany! Nothing but good things to say, except I wish she could have been on campus longer. Our students loved them [her and her intern]. Keep us in mind for any future tours through SoCal. We will continue to pray for your ministry.
~ Bill MacPhee,
Assoc. Head of School for Spiritual Life, Village Christian Schools,
Los Angeles, CA
I thought Tiffany’s story was very compelling and her presentation was excellent.
~ Dr. Melanie-Prejean Sullivan,
Director of Campus Ministry at Bellarmine University
Louisville, KY

We have been so privileged to have Tiffany Dawn speak to the ladies of our church for the past two years!  Tiffany’s message reaches women of all ages!  She captures her audience with a genuine transparent spirit!  Many of our ladies began the process of allowing God to heal many years of pain and hurt!  May God richly bless her invaluable ministry to women!
~ Susan Elrod,
Women's Pastor at Woodlawn Community Church,
Woodlawn, TN

Tiffany was great! We had several young adults in our ministry tell us how impactful her message was and how relatable she was for both men and women. Several young women were in tears from the realization of the masks they are wearing.

~ Dave Wilson, 
Young Adults Director at Real Life Church, 
Valencia, CA

Tiffany Dawn was vulnerable and powerful in her message to young ladies, she met the students where they are. With so much negativity surrounding our young ladies, it was inspiring to hear a message of positivity and truth about God's love and learning to love ones self through Him.

~ Megan DelGrosso,
Youth Director at Ingomar United Methodist Church,
Pittsburgh, PA

Tiffany does a great job connecting with college students in an approachable and passionate way, in order to share a very serious truth about our true identity in Christ!
~ Josh McCarty,
Campus Minister at Williams Baptist College,
Walnut Ridge, AR

Tiffany is an extremely talented young woman who boldly proclaims the message God has given her: that nothing can satisfy us like God's love. She effectively engages this generation through music and speaking. When trying to find someone young women will immediately listen to and identify with, Tiffany Dawn nails it.
~ Todd Cavanaugh,
Former Director of B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers And Sisters In Christ) College Ministries

Tiffany Dawn is real, humble, and obedient.  I loved her heart to serve the Lord with her gifts, and to just do “whatever” for the glory of God.
~ Pastor Brady Testorff,
Youth Pastor at Vineyard Church,
Kansas City, MO

I wanted to thank you for this experience.  Many of our girls were GLUED to what she was saying, and wanted MORE!!  (Myself included!!)  Although none of the girls specifically shared their personal struggles with me, I am aware of many of them based on the questions that they asked during the girls health unit that I taught, and the questions that they had for me afterwards.  They girls were buzzing about it for about a week afterwards.  Some of them either received Tiffany's book, or purchased her book, and read it that night, coming back the next day saying that it was "SO GOOD!"  I hope that she can come back in years to come to share more with our young, impressionable daughters of Christ.
~ Laura McMahon,
Teacher at Ann Arbor Christian School,
Ann Arbor, MI
Students were immediately drawn to Tiffany through her genuine, down-to-earth way of sharing a very personal story. She was very compelling and inspirational in encouraging students to go on their own quest for God. 
~ Rhonda Fertich,
Principal, Adams County Christian School,
Gettysburg, PA

[It] was great! The girls loved hearing from her and connecting with her after the assembly.  Thank you for all you do to make this ministry possible.  It is certainly having an impact.
~ Chris Loesel,
Chapel Coordinator at Lutheran High School,
Parker, CO

Tiffany's mix of music and message provided an entertaining and very relevant evening! We were blessed that she is able to bring her message to groups of all sizes! I highly recommend the precious heart that Tiffany brings to her Insatiable Quest for Beauty presentation! She touched a cord with many ladies at our church!
~ Sherry Johnson,
Rocky Mountain Community Church, 
Women's Ministry Team,
Denver, CO
At our Excel youth conference in January [2009], Tiffany presented an excellent workshop for teenaged girls titled, The Insatiable Quest for Beauty. Relating to her own honest and genuine quest for beauty in her life, Tiffany helps girls discover that their quest for the things of this world will leave them empty and lonely. The only pursuit that will truly satisfy and fulfill us is in the Lord Jesus. Tiffany’s workshop was diverse and interactive and led teens to God’s Word for the answers. Using the musical gifting that the Lord has blessed her with, she performed some beautiful songs that she had written in her quest. This is an important message for teen girls in our society and I would highly recommend her workshop to be presented to any teenaged group of girls!
~ Jacqueline Litts,
Youth for Christ Staff,
Albany, NY

I overheard several students remark after chapel, "That was the best chapel we have had all year." I saw fellow colleagues smile and nod their heads with knowing reactions as you spoke. For myself, there is no greater message for the Church to hear today that who we are in Christ. It is a recent revelation for me in my life and I praise God that you know it and are sharing it. You have God's beauty to show the world. Praise God you are doing so with courage and love.
~ Craig Parrott,
Guidance Counselor, Faith Christian School
Arvada/Denver, CO
Tiffany brings a zeal for the Lord, for purity, and for true beauty to her audience. As a woman of true beauty, Tiffany delivers a powerful message about the connection between the Beautiful One and His creation. She is the real deal!
~ Andrew Zawacki,
Pastor of Light of the World Christian Church
(Tiffany's childhood youth pastor)

Thank you so much for today! You really opened up and fostered conversation among our girls...shortly after they exploded in all sorts of dialogue. On behalf of the CDC and Salem, I sincerely thank you for taking the time out to pour into and bless our girls... We would love to have you back sometime.  
~ Trishia Kholodenko, 
President/CEO of Chicago Dream Center,
Interim Principal of Salem Christian School

It went fantastic! ...many students - junior high through college - connected with Tiffany’s story in a really great way and it has created opportunities for some really good follow up between my leaders and students. Thank you for you ministry!
~ Mark Dunning,
Student Ministries Pastor at Blanchard Alliance Church,
Wheaton, IL
We really enjoyed having Tiffany. It was a great event and we appreciated the opportunity! Her stories and music were fantastic and it was on point for our students.
~ Jeffrey Gephart,
Chapel Coordinator at Bear Creek School,
Seattle, WA

Tiffany Dawn is a genuine, personable young woman who teaches with a wisdom well beyond her years. She is knowledgeable, creatively expressive and touches the hearts of all who listened to her. She used a variety of teaching methods and was easy to understand. Her message sticks with her audience long after the session is over. She truly does a wonderful job ministering to the needs of teens today.
~ Jerry Schmoyer,
Director of Worldview Camp,
Doylestown, PA

I was impressed with your ability to communicate important and often difficult issues with clarity and compassion without sacrificing truth.
~ Patrick Bowen,
Fortress 1230AM WKBO

Tiffany Dawn. When I recall that name I remember all the concerts I have mixed for her. Three thoughts pop into my mind: “I’m glad to have her back in front of my mics and get to listen to her again.”, “I’m sad that she is leaving the stage because the gentle flow and ministry of her music is always, always incredible and will be missed.”, and “When is she coming back?” Time spent in Tiffany’s concerts will leave you wanting her CDs and desiring to come back again and again. Don’t miss out!!
~ Mark Darrow,
President of Daystar Audio

Recently we had the privilege of hosting Tiffany Dawn’s “Insatiable Quest for Beauty” concert and book signing. Tiffany is a gifted singer songwriter and author. But much more than that is her ability to share her testimony in song and word and to wear her faith on her sleeve. She has an amazing ability to be able to relate to young people and to share what is on her heart. But this event is not just for young people. Men or women, young or old, all will be blessed by her servants heart. If you have the opportunity to host or attend this event, I strongly recommend that you do.
~Don Heckler, 
Doylestown Mennonite Church, Director of Karen’s Place Coffeeshop Ministries,
Doylestown, PA

I loved how you incorporated multiple approaches during the presentation, from speaking and question and answer to singing and participant self-reflection and meditation. The personal accounts made the message relatable, interesting, and easy to indentify with. Thank you. 
~Compiled from Batavia, NY MOPS attendees
by program director Jacky Smith

Tiffany's presentation was great. The students were really interested in what she had to say and loved the real-life connection. They also loved that she sang as part of her presentation.
- Krystal Sorg,
Health Teacher, Paul Harding Jr High,
Fort Wayne, IN

Thank you so much for blessing the women of RMCC tonight! Your story is so heartfelt, real and relevant for women of all ages.

~Nicole Wilson,
Rocky Mountain Community Church,
Co-coordinator with MOPS and Women's Ministry,
Longmont, CO

Youth for Christ Testimonials

An email received from the Saratoga, NY Youth for Christ Conference Coordinator. These are things the conference attendees wrote about The Insatiable Quest for Beauty Seminar.

I just finished reading thru your seminar evaluations and they are ALL 100% positive, excellent, great, amazing, 10 out of 10 out of 10. Here are some things some of the girls shared.

Your songs were absolutely amazing. They are so deep and have so much heart behind them. You are an amazing singer and your heart and words are very powerful. You really did a wonderful job – touched all of our hearts.

Tiffany spilled her love into her songs that explain so much about the insatiable quest for beauty and her love in God. I loved it.

I think it’s a great message, something every girl struggles with but does not necessarily recognize.
This really said something to me and I realize that there should be some changes to make in my life.

She’s a great speaker, very thorough and her anecdotes are relevant. Awesome songs.

She was really personable and real and has a great voice.

Definitely girls need to [hear] this. No matter what they think about themselves all girls need to hear this. Favorite seminar so far.

I think that girls really enjoy just a girl time!

I liked how she used her own life as a relatable example.

Her songs were so beautiful. They really touched my heart.

So there you go…obviously you touched a nerve and a need that girls needed to hear. Thank you for that…for being genuine, honest and open about your struggles in order to help other girls in their lives.

~ Dave Lenehan, Conference Director & Assemblies Coordinator, Youth for Christ

A Few Stories

When Tiffany came and spoke at my University a huge door was opened in my heart and the Lord has been working there ever since! I feel like I’m starting a NEW chapter, not just in my circumstances, but in my spirit, heart, and mind and it’s so refreshing! Praise God for Tiffany’s commitment to Him and her willingness to share her story so openly. If you let this amazing woman speak into your life, you won’t be disappointed!
~ Sierra Minott, Miss Florida 2008

Last fall, I had the pleasure of attending one of Tiffany's speaking events in Chicago. Her talk blew me away — it was honest, raw, real. Tiffany's story was so relatable, especially then, when I was struggling with my own body image/eating disorder issues. Her words lifted me up and gave me a sense of encouragement, a sense that I could get past my battle and live life fully. I would absolutely recommend Tiffany as a speaker and author — her story is an incredible testament to the power of Christ, and anyone fighting the "I'm not good enough" lie will surely find encouragement and hope through Tiffany's words. 
~ Melanie, Chicago, IL

Just wanted to tell you, your song you sang…about always wearing a mask to cover how we feel…really made me look at my life and it has really changed me for the better. Just wanted to say Thank you sooooooo much!
~ Kylie, Rochester, NY

When Tiffany gave a seminar at my church earlier this year, my mentor, some friends, and even my older sister told me that I needed to be there, but I made every excuse not to go. A few months later, when a leader in my youth group and a wife of one of the pastors started a high school girls' small group centered around The Insatiable Quest for Beauty, I didn't attend even though most of my friends did. I was listening to the voice in my head that told me there was nothing wrong with the way I was living. Finally I agreed to go with my friends the next week, and from the first page of the book I started to see myself in Tiffany's story. By Coffee Date #2 the lies I had allowed myself to believe since 6th grade were beginning to crack: I could see glimpses of God's truth through them. While it was uncomfortable, I continued to read the book and attend the small group, and I gradually allowed myself to be vulnerable with the leaders and the other girls. Now, about 4 months after finishing the book, I have gone 6 months without self-harm and I'm learning how to eat enough and love the body God gave me. I'm recovering, and Insatiable Quest was probably THE reason for my changing attitudes.
~ Morgan, Denver, CO

Tiffany’s message is as powerful as it is vulnerable. Her willingness to share her story encouraged me not to hide behind a facade but to be bold and find my worth in God, the only place where I am truly beautiful. Her transparency is so needed in this day and truly encouraging. There is no way an individual could not walk away feeling blessed after hearing Tiffany speak. Her message helped me find more of God and discover more of the beauty in myself through Him.
~ Deanna, Rochester, NY

Tiffany is a confident speaker and a talented musician. Her personal testimony is very powerful and impactful to her audiences. God's work is evident in her life. Her passion in sharing about His view of beauty is evident when she speaks. I heard her speak for college students at Palm Beach Atlantic University, but her seminar could apply to many different audiences.
~ Christina, West Palm Beach, FL

I am so thankful for Tiffany and her passion to help those trapped on the insatiable quest for beauty. Her ministry has blessed me and so many others with a newfound, satisfying, and burning passion for the Lord. His quest is worth fighting for and brings so much freedom, thank you Tiffany for spreading this very important truth.
~ Ashlee, Chicago, IL

This is a must-hear message for all of today's young women. Tiffany's witty humor and relatable personality make her such a great speaker to listen to. I drew similarities from my life and the lives of countless other girls from her testimony. She reminded us that we're beautiful because He's beautiful. Plain and simple, God is the one who defines our beauty.
~ Kim, Rochester, NY

I could personally relate to so many of the stories and challenges that you spoke about. As I looked around the room, I could tell that most of the other people felt the same way. It is so easy for me to let myself believe what this world tells me I need to be in order to be loved, or to be happy. Listening to your speech reminded me that God loves me just the way I am, He created me with a purpose, and that His love is what fulfills my needs. Thanks Tiffany!
~ Theresa, Rochester, NY

Your passion and enthusiasm for the issue of beauty is so refreshing and I pray that God continues to use you in mighty ways to impact girls’ lives for eternity. I know I would have loved listening to someone like you talk about this when I was a teenager.
~ Karyn, Schenectady, NY

From the moment that I met Tiffany, I could tell that she was a woman for Christ… You can always count on Tiffany as a person who is always there for people who need Christ. At a summer camp called Camp Pinnacle, I was a camp counselor and I thought that Tiffany would be the perfect speaker for children yearning for God's word… I would recommend Tiffany for any kind of seminar. She is a gifted and talented woman of God.~
~ Lydia Gerardi, Albany, NY

I felt that all the books I read focused too much on beauty even when they are talking about the healing process. I felt like there needed to be a book that combined all those books into one but yet focused on what was most important to focus on--…looking to the Lord and finding your all in Him and having your thoughts transformed by the renewing of your mind b/c He's all that matters. He is what it is all about. …I cannot tell you how happy I was hearing your seminar. …You did exactly what I wished for-a book that sums…all the others up-but focuses on Him!! MMmmm. I seriously can't tell you how my heart rejoiced after your seminar. Finally!! someone is writing that book and giving that talk!! …Thank you for being open, vulnerable, and willing enough to bring forth His plans and His glory through your life experiences.
~ Heather, Brockport, NY

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I write this letter of recommendation for Tiffany [Dawn] and her presentation The Insatiable Quest for Beauty. As the Director of Health and Wellness at Palm Beach Atlantic University my duties include campus wellness education. During the 2008-2009 academic year a distinct need to address self image and cultural influence on the definition of beauty surfaced within our student body… Tiffany was brought to campus during the first 6 weeks of our 2009-2010 academic year…for a special program designed to define Biblical beauty and what God desires for each of us and our community related to image.

I am pleased to confirm that Tiffany’s unique mixture of testimony, subject matter expertise, vocal performance, and speaking ability exceeded our expectation. Tiffany’s message was received favorably by our student population resulting in a number of additional student developed programs on self image later in the semester. I highly recommend Tiffany based on her outstanding skills; however, I recommend her with great passion due to the need for the message God has placed in her heart to restore God’s definition of beauty from a flawed cultural view. Your organization or campus will be richly blessed.

~ Vince Diller, Former Director of Health and Wellness, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Current Assistant Dean of Students, Belmont University
(To request a copy of this complete recommendation, please contact Tiffany via email)

Praise for the book:

A story shared with such honesty and humility that you feel permission to be your broken self, then inspired to be your whole self in Jesus.

This book is more than just a book. I felt as though I was sitting with Tiffany at my local coffee shop sipping a latte while listening to her eye opening life experiences and insight. I was truly inspired and I don't know any female that wouldn't be.

All I have to say is that I really wish I had this book a couple of years ago. It would have been such a help to me through my past struggles with physical insecurities. I can’t wait to go through it with the girls in my church small group!

Tiffany’s writing is down to earth and relevant. Her book will undoubtedly reach teenagers and young adults with much-needed hope wherever they are in their life journey. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in a true-to-life and genuine story of healing!


If I could give this book 500 stars I would. This is one of those rare, page turning gems that you fly through in a matter of days because you cannot put it down, but then you cry when it's over because it was just SO GOOD!

This book is definitely a must read for every young lady! I loved every minute of reading this book. It is very insightful, funny and full of real life stories of a girl who had the same struggles as many of us. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

YES! YES! YES! This book is so good that I had to write to the author to thank her. It's been so raw and personal and beautifully authentic, it almost seemed like I was reading her diary (in the best way possible!). I am definitely recommending it because it doesn't just connect with you, it gives awesome advice and reflection questions/spaces to help you push through it. A MUST FOR EVERY DAUGHTER OF GOD.

Tiffany seems hilarious and sweet and so very down to earth. This transfers to her writing in a way that puts readers immediately at ease and able to identify with her. The book feels in many ways like a cross between a girls’ night chat, a glimpse into her diary, and a young adult novel – which makes it much more entertaining than most non-fiction. 

Boycrazy is not only a well written book, but it full of very valuable insights when it comes to not only being single, but also dating. After reading it, I have a much better "appreciation" for the time to be single and see why it is important to enjoy that season of your life. It is written from such an open and honest point of view. The discussion questions can lead to such open discussion and gave me a lot to think about. I definitely recommend Boycrazy and will be reading it again!