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What is "Ring by Spring" all about?

The "Ring by Spring Textinar" is James and Tiffany's brand new presentation, specifically developed for Christian colleges and young adult ministries. 

What's a Textinar?
Audience members text in their questions anonymously throughout the presentation. James and Tiffany speak for 25-30 minutes, followed by 15-20 minutes of Q&A, answering as many of the texted questions as they have time for. 

What's the Topic?
Tiffany and James expected that the next logical step, upon graduating from college, was to get married. When they entered a very single decade (their 20s), they began to wonder what was wrong with them. This message shares their journey through singleness, and the things they learned along the way -- namely five expectations they had regarding marriage and dating, which turned out to be incorrect. (Scroll down to see their expectations...)

Tiffany Dawn is the author of "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty" and "Boycrazy: And how I ended up single and mostly sane." Except that she is no longer single. In August 2015, she married a man she has known since childhood: James. A graduate of Washington & Lee University, James works in commercial insurance, while volunteering with youth ministry organizations such as Youth for Christ. In their "Ring by Spring" Textinar, Tiffany and James share their journeys of singleness into their late twenties, along with five false expectations they had of marriage, and how God shook up those expectations...while they were still single. Tiffany and James live in beautiful upstate New York when they are not escaping winter on cross-country speaking tours.

Their Five (False) Expectations:

Here are the five expectations that Tiffany and James had for marriage and dating. These ideas colored all their dating relationships and ideas of marriage. As it turns out, these expectations weren't entirely accurate...

#1: Marriage is the next (and only) logical step after college.

#2: I will immediately know when I've met "the one."

#3: Once I'm content, I'll get married (immediately).

#4: Marriage will solve all my problems. (As will sex.)

#5: Marriage will take away my loneliness.

These are the five points that James and Tiffany focus on as they share their journey as single twenty-somethings, and talk about how different their relationship now is than they ever expected.

The Q&A Blog!

During the Ring by Spring Textinar, we receive far more questions than we have time to answer. But we want to answer them! On the resources page, you can find answers for some of your questions that we most often receive, and/or that we don't have time to answer during the presentation. 

As always, talk with your mentors and trusted friends as you search out answers to your questions.