Resources just for you:

This page is curated specifically for people who have either attended a "Seen, Known, Loved" retreat OR have gone through "The God Who Is" devotional. I'm so glad you're here!

These are my FAVORITE RESOURCES to grow in your personal times with God. I hope these things can help you like they've helped me!

Tiffany Dawn

Books I Highly Recommend:

Sensible Shoes

by Sharon Garlough Brown

This series was MIND-BLOWING. It was 1) easy to read... 2) so powerful and insightful - I felt like I was drawn closer to Jesus just while reading it... and 3) it contains all sorts of practical exercises you can use in your daily time with God! They walk you through all these exercises, which are powerful and practical. I highly, highly recommend this book!

Check it out here!

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

by Peter Scazzero

Not only is this book awesome, sharing practical, meditative ways to engage with God, but at the end, he also includes several "daily offices" you can use. These are prayers and meditations based on Scripture that you can easily include in your quiet time or throughout your day. (Personally, I love the "daily offices" included in the earlier version of this book even better!)

Check out this book here!

Sanctuary of the Soul

by Richard J. Foster

This book can help guide and teach you on the journey of practicing meditative prayer. He also has an awesome book called "Celebration of Discipline."

Check out this book here!

Free Downloads:

The God Who _____: E-Devotional Do you want to meditate on Scripture each day, but you don't know where to start? This is a booklet of 30 daily Scripture meditations, focused on unusual character traits of God. I hope this can encourage you in your time with God! 7.43 MB
PAUSE: Psalm 23 Meditation This is a Scripture meditation journey written by my mom. It guides you as you learn how to meditate on Scripture. This meditation journey was first used with Psalm 23, but you can use it with any passage in Scripture. It also contains suggestions on how to use this in group vs. individual settings. 48.4 KB

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