If you heard Tiffany share "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty" and want some practical tips to help you break up with your quest, you're in the right place! Just head over to the resources page!

What's "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty" Seminar?

The Insatiable Quest for Beauty Seminar is based off Tiffany's book by the same title. The seminar shares Tiffany's journey through struggles with body image, disordered eating, and an unhealthy relationship. At her core, she felt that she would never be good enough to be loved. With honesty and humor, Tiffany walks the listeners through her struggles, and into the lessons she learned--specifically about who she is in Christ--lessons which (over time) brought freedom from her struggle.

There are several versions of this seminar, including the following:

1) The Traditional Version, in which Tiffany shares her journey into understanding Christ's love for her, and how that changed everything. She shares this version at churches and school chapels.

2) The Eating Disorder Recovery Version, all about the steps Tiffany took toward recovery, specifically from disordered eating. She shares this version in treatment centers, schools, and colleges.

3) The Staff Training Version, in which Tiffany talks about how to help students who are struggling with an eating disorder. She shares this with college professionals, treatment center professionals, for RA Trainings, and in other settings.

4) The Music Therapy Version, in which Tiffany shares how to help people with an eating disorder diagnosis through music therapy. She has co-presented this at the National Music Therapy Conference, as well as for music therapy college students. 

5) The General Audience Version: Typically during "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty," Tiffany shares how to find a new identity in Christ. (See the video from Biola University below.) However, she recently developed a new version of the seminar for non-faith-based organizations. This has been on her heart for awhile, so she is really excited to share about her journey and faith in a way that's appropriate for public high school assemblies and non-Christian colleges. You can view that video below -- the one titled "for colleges and high schools."

Three takeaways from "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty":

During "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty Seminar," Tiffany talks about three facets of our identity in Christ:

1) We are His sons and daughters: We are loved by God not because we've earned it, but because He has chosen us. Not because we're good enough, but because we are HIS.

2) We are His spies: Or, as the Bible puts it, His soldiers. Freedom comes not when Jesus is part of our life, but when He IS our life; when we are "all in" for the "spy mission" of knowing Him and making Him known.

3) We are redeemed: God takes the very things that we think disqualify us, and uses those things to bring glory to Himself and hope to others.

The main Scripture we look at together is Ezekiel 16: Israel's insatiable quest for beauty.