Lyrics for Debut Album

All lyrics and music (c) 2011 to Tiffany Dawn

#1 - Mask
Verse 1: They say cry away the pain, then laugh away the tears/I wish it were so easy to let go/But the pain is so intense that it's melted in my heart/And it just won't turn into tears//Chorus: So I'll put on a smile, show the world a brave face/Maybe I'll deceive myself and it'll all just go away/They say that I don't feel when my heart is breaking/Here behind this mask I'm waiting just for you/Would you come and rescue me//Verse 2: I have loved with all my heart, I was weak and I was hurt/No one held me though I could not cry/Would you take the time to listen, hear my point of view/But no, you only see your side//Bridge: I'm broken, I'm hiding, do you recognize me? I am here!

#2 - Someday
Verse 1: Sometimes I feel I don't have much to offer/Nothing to keep attention on me/Some days I see just a lost cause and/Someone who'll be Cinderella in her dreams/But someday, I believe//Chorus: I'll walk down the aisle, with flowers in my hair/And sparkling glass slippers, my very own pair/And someday you'll see/It's happening//Verse 2: Sometimes I feel like nothing will work out/Nothing's for real; it's just a fairytale/Then I remember I am a princess/A daughter of the King who's looking out for me/So someday, I believe//Bridge: When you're a daughter of the King/You don't have to go on worrying/He is preparing the right path/That'll fit you perfectly/So someday, you'll see//Last Chorus: You'll walk down His aisle with flowers in your hair/And sparkling glass slippers, your very own pair/And someday you'll see/Oh and someday you will see/It's happening

#3 - Get Out of My Head
Verse 1: Never thought I'd last this long/Didn't think I could really break it off, did you/(That's right) you never really knew me/Had me stuffed into a size two box//Verse 2: Three years later you're still in my head/I think the things you said, they define me/That I'm not pretty, I'm worthless/That I can't fulfill my purpose/But I'm stronger than you thought/You underestimated//Chorus: I'm afraid, afraid, afraid/I'm terrified//Verse 3: I can hear your voice echoing/Your words haunt me like a smell that won't leave/You said I didn't give you a reason to stay/But you stayed, I couldn't get rid of you/Counting the pounds that I lost/Controlling my every thought//Bridge: You said that this was normal/I haven't trusted a single man since/But it's over, tonight it's over/So it's over, tonight it's over/Get out of my head!

#4 - This Is Beauty
Verse 1: The hidden messages in exotic flowers at my door/The nights spent star gazing in the soft grass/The love songs with the complicated melody in a different key/But the romance somehow doesn't cut it/The leather black boots with the sexy mini skirt, makes the whole world look/The makeup covers every imperfection/The twenty pounds are lost, now I look like a model, but is that all/Somehow the beauty doesn't cut it//Chorus: My heart was made for romance/To be pursued with intense devotion/My eyes were made for beauty/Beholding glory, being awestruck//Verse 2: The ruthless agony of the bloody cross, the whole world looks/And turns to mock and scorn Him greatly/But He hangs there no strength to breathe, with arms outstretched and love for me/And I can see Him; His gaze pierces through me/The glory of the risen King, clothed in majesty/His eyes are locked in mine, they're watching me/The invitation to His dance, I'm breathless, I'm speechless/For this, this is romance, this is beauty//Chorus 2: My heart was made for romance/To be pursued with intense devotion/My eyes were made for beauty/Beholding glory, being awestruck/He beckons me with outstretched arms/"Come away my bride, dance with Me/See the beauty of the choreography/Of this dance I have created just for you and me"//Ending: This, this is romance and this is beauty

#5 - Giving In
Verse 1: I've had my doubts, I've had my reasonings/Explanations why it wasn't meant to be/But now I see/Honesty has not been found in my vocabulary/I work up the courage just to watch it disappear/But not this time, no, not this time//Chorus: You are the one I want to be with/Yours is the hand I want to hold/I want to come home to you and sleep beside you/Every single night/With you, I want to share my life//Verse 2: When I picture my life it doesn't turn out right/Can't imagine missing out on standing by your side/Where I am home/You inhabit my thoughts and you are there in my dreams/I've tried to run away and keep my mind off these things/I'm giving up, I'm giving in//Bridge: I'm giving up, I'm giving in/I'm letting go, give me your hand/(I wanna sleep beside you, I wanna hold you tight, would you stay forever, could I share your life?)

#6 - Who Will Go
Verse 1: As I look into the sea of a thousand faces/I see a struggling hand, a face uplifted/I have to close my eyes or I might lose it/To think of all the pain beneath the surface//Chorus: Who will go, who will go face the fear of failing/Who will go, who will go and then stay awhile/Who will go, who will go and show them what it really means to be loved/(Here am I)//Verse 2: I'm not really good enough, would you choose me/I am not the logical one to call/But if you will choose me, then let's go God/My heart has been burning, anticipating your call//Bridge: I am not too small for you and these dreams are not too big for you/Show me how to walk this road, I don't know what I'm doing Lord//Verse 3: As I look into the sea of a thousand faces/This is just the beginning

#7 - Dust
Verse 1: My eyes are fixed upon Your face/And I feel undistractable/Until I hear another voice crying out/As beautiful as beauty can be//Chorus: But I wanna go home and my heart longs to stay here/In the house of the Lord/For one day in Your courts reminds me that this world is dust//Verse 2: Suddenly I'm looking to beauty that's outward/Love that's really lust/All at once Your dreams, breathed into me/In the wind they are scattered like dust//Chorus 2: But I wanna go home and my heart longs to stay here/In the house of the Lord/For one day in Your courts remind that this world is dust/I am not of this world, I consider it all loss/That I may know You/For one day in Your courts reminds me that this world is dust//Bridge: For this world is passing away in a moment/And for now I'm just passing through it/Things unseen are everlasting/But what this world offers is dust/And you can't build a life on dust

#8 - Empty Hands
Verse 1: Did I make something out of nothing/As only you can do/Did I take my heart in my own hands/God I give it back to you//Chorus: You are the only one who satisfies/You are my bright and morning star/You are my beloved and my comforter/I am a garden that's shut, a fountain that's closed/Only for you, always for you//Verse 2: Did I try to do things my way/When your way is perfect/Did I hold onto something you'd said/I must not hold onto//Bridge: So here I am/I lay it down oh God/Here I am/I come with empty hands

#9 - Awakening
Awakening to your love~Awakening to your heart~Oooo~I can breathe~Oooo

#10 - This Is Who I Am
Verse 1: It doesn't really matter/If I'm a singer or a mother/It doesn't really matter to me/It doesn't really matter/What side of the ocean/I live on, it's no different to me//Chorus: Take me, this is who I am/And all I wanna be is yours/All I wanna be is Yours//Verse 2: These things that I'm doing/They don't define me/My definition is only you/My circumstances/Don't make me happy/My joy in life is loving you//Bridge: I don't consider these things to be my calling/For you have called me to love you/And whatever position you put me in/Right there I'm going to serve you//Ending: And all that I want and all I'm striving towards/Is just to, just to be yours/Cause everything I am is found in you

#11 - Song in My Heart
You are the one who put a song in my heart~You are the one who will bring it out~You are the one who put a song in my heart~All glory to you my Lord~All glory to you~Glory to you Lord, it's a gift from you~Glory to you my Lord~Glory to you Lord, it's all for you~Glory to you my Lord~This song it's all for~You are the one who put a song in my heart~You are the one who will bring it out~You are the one who put a song in my heart~All glory to you my Lord