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How far is too far? 

Hey friends! 

Have you ever wondered, “Hmm…I know the Bible says not to have sex before I get married…but it doesn’t give a list of written guidelines for exactly how far it’s okay to go with my significant other. So how far is too far?” 

My husband and I wondered the same thing many times. Here are some of the questions we asked ourselves that helped us figure out what boundaries to set in our relationship — and the reason we rephrased the “how far is too far” question to something else entirely… 

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You're Worth Waiting For (guest post) 

Let me introduce you to my friend Rayni. We met via the blogger world, and then actually grabbed coffee together this spring, while I was in her neck of the woods: beautiful San Diego, CA! She is seriously the sweetest person ever, and I had to ask her to share some of her wisdom in a guest post. Without further ado…Rayni Peavy!

I didn’t date a lot as a teen or young adult. Sure, I went on some dates and there were always guys I was interested in. But for the most part the guys I liked didn’t like me back;

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What You Have to Give Besides Your Body 

My greatest fear in life has been that I wouldn’t give a guy a reason to stick around.

No, I take that back. My greatest fear in life is being eaten by wild animals. (I’m so serious right now. Realistic, I know.) My second greatest fear is that I’d never keep a guy’s attention.

Too many times I’ve bought into the cultural idea that I am my body, and my body is the greatest gift I have to offer in a relationship. Too many times I’ve bought into the mentality that, even if I’m not having sex (which I…

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How Far Is Too Far? (guest post) 

How far is too far to go (physically) in a dating relationship?
by Mark DuPré

I'd like you to meet Pastor Mark DuPré. He and his wife Diane have been my mentors for several years now, and I simply love them to pieces. They have played a pivitol roll in helping me become who I am today. Mark is also a film professor at RIT, associate pastor of Christ Community Church, musician, and author of How to Act Like a Grown Up. He and Diane are also the ones I've asked "how far is too far?" and "how do I stay pureRead more