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How do I know if someone is THE ONE? 



That question tormented me all through high school…and college…and my twenties. 

  • “What if I miss him?” 
  • “What if I marry the wrong person?” 
  • “What if I never meet ‘the one’?” 

And then it would all come back around to: “How do I know if someone is ‘the one’?” 

I’m not even going to pretend to know the answer to that question. I may be married, but that “knowing” still feels very much a mystery. 

However, I do want to share the things that made me feel…

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Where have all the single guys gone? 

This morning I heard a REALLY AWESOME message on dating. The pastor asked the single girls in the church about dating, and the girls asked, "Where have all the single guys gone, and why won't they ask us out?" When the pastor asked the church's single guys about dating, they said, "When we ask out a girl, she panics and says no."

Which made me ask (after I finished laughing): Why do all the single guys seem to be missing? 

Growing up, as I was looking for this mysterious person called "the one," I…

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