What You'll Find Here

  • How to Be Single (and Actually Enjoy It!): Here's some inspiration and tips for how to enjoy being single!
  • Let's Talk About Sex: Here are things that I think every teen girl needs to know about sex. And let's also talk about setting healthy boundaries in dating relationships, sexting, and other stuff like that. You know. Sex stuff.
  • Dating Advice: Here are some thoughts and tips about how to date, how to know if you want to be with someone, and more.
  • Friendships: If you're anything like me, friendships can be hard to navigate. Here's some stuff that I hope will be helpful!
  • Recommended Reading: Here are some awesome books that really helped me with relationships and singleness...and I think they'll help you too!
  • Your Cheerleaders: Here are some other ministries that I love and respect, who have additional great, helpful resources for you!
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How to Be Single (and Actually Enjoy It!)

Let's Talk About Sex

Dating Advice


Recommended Reading:

Your Cheerleaders