The Great Exchange: My Lies for His Truth

It’s hard to believe the truth of what God says about us when we are surrounded by lies day after day. These are some of the lies I’ve believed about myself, and the truth He’s shown me, as revealed in…


What You Have to Give Besides Your Body

My greatest fear in life has been that I wouldn’t give a guy a reason to stick around.

No, I take that back. My greatest fear in life is being eaten by wild animals. (I’m so serious right…

How to Enjoy Being Single (guest post)

I asked several blogger/author friends of mine to contribue their thoughts and wisdom toward the Boycrazy website! You'll get to see all of them when the site is launched in a few months, but for now I'd like to introduce…

How Far Is Too Far? (guest post)

How far is too far to go (physically) in a dating relationship?
by Mark DuPré

I'd like you to meet Pastor Mark DuPré. He and his wife Diane have been my mentors for several years now, and I simply love