What is the high school Textinar all about?

The "Attraction, Friendship, and Dating Textinar" is James and Tiffany's brand new presentation, specifically developed for Christian high schools (although middle schools often participate as well). 

What's a Textinar?
Audience members text in their questions anonymously throughout the presentation. James and Tiffany speak for 25-30 minutes, followed by 15-20 minutes of Q&A, answering as many of the texted questions as they have time for. 

What's the Topic?
This Textinar is all about how to show God's love to people who are different from us -- specifically gender differences, although these apply to all relationships in life. In Luke 10:27 we learn that the heart of the gospel is about learning to love God and love others, and this is the passage and theme that ties the whole presentation together. In a comically insightful and honest way, James and Tiffany talk about how to love people who are different in the areas of attraction, friendship, and the image you portray. At the end of the message, they ask the students to take a moment and prayerfully reflect on this question: What is one way I can show God's love to people who are different from me?

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The Basic Ideas of the Presentation:

How can you show God's love in these three areas of attraction, friendship, and image? Here's what we talk about in the Textinar:

Look a little deeper. It's normal and easy to judge someone based just on surface appearances. Instead, we should stretch ourselves to look a little closer and get to know who a person really is. What are good things to be attracted to? Character traits! Which go deeper than surface descriptions.

Different friendships are for different seasons of life, and all are opportunities to show God's love to others. However, we only have so much time and energy to deeply invest in a few people's lives. So how do we know if someone is a good friend to deeply invest in? Think about: "Who do I become when I'm with this person?" For example, do I become someone who is kinder and more loving, or someone who is more selfish? 

We all crave acceptance, and in order to get it, sometimes we project an image of who we think people will like and accept. But when we are obsessed over our image, it limits us from loving other people well. In the kingdom of God, there are a lot of seemingly "upside down" principals, such as, it's better to give than receive. Similarly, the way to gain acceptance is to give it. The less we focus on ourselves, and the more we focus on accepting others, the more we'll find the love we crave.

The Q&A Blog!

During the high school Textinar, we receive far more questions than we have time to answer. But we want to answer them! On the resources page and our YouTube channel, you can find answers for some of your questions that we most often receive, and/or that we don't have time to answer during the presentation. We've also included a few more answers (in video form) below. As always, talk with your mentors and trusted friends as you search out answers to your questions.